By incorporating APS formulas into protein products, the value-added nutrition and health benefits to new or existing all natural products as finished goods are substantial.  There are numerous scientifically validated and documented advantages for the consumer, manufacturer, retailer, food service and restaurants to profit from.  More importantly, finished goods made with APS formulations assist processors, distributors and their clients in meeting the healthier oriented consumer market demand for nutrition-centric healthy meat options.

Benefits in using APS formulas in finished goods include:

  • GMO Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Offers fewer calories

  • Adds vitamins and antioxidants

  • Reduces fat and neutralizes sodium

  • Adds an all natural dietary fiber to the diet

  • Meets health conscious consumer demands

  • All natural product

  • Provides a clean label

  • Seals meat during cooking

  • Improves product juiciness

  • Extends ground beef shelf life

  • Retains more post cooked weight

  • No warmed over flavor when re-heated

  • High quality, white table premium products